What does seasons mean to me?


Hey dollies,
i'm back after 2 months. It was a long time ago i wrote something on my blog, that's because i had problems with my laptop and when i was on my dad's i was too lazy to write smething. And because end of summer and begining of fall is one of my favourite times in year, i decided to write about each season, what does it means to me.
The season in a year, when i can again wear my favourite clothes, because winter is too cold for it and summer is too hot.
Summer is a season, when is my birthday adn i celebrate it with my sister and my dad. And because my dad doesn't know, what i'll want, we go together buy me a gift. Also i choose my birthday cake.(Fun fact: I didn't sunbathe this year or was in a pool as well)
How i said, i love when summer ends and fall begins. I love it, because i like going on walks in my purple sweather, that gandma made to me. Also i like that colorfull leaves all around me.I don't like colors, but these are awesome.
Also my favourite Celebration of a year is a Halloween, but in my country most people doesn't celebrate it, because it's 'american' celebration(And most of them doesn't know, that Halloween is from Ireland)
(Another fun fact: I was excited to this fall, because of Outlast 2)
Do you know how in most of movies someone sit in front of a window and watches, how is snowing while sipping a tea or coffe with a sound of fireplace? That's my favourite part of winter. And Christmas are good too, but i don't like them that much, because something sad happend to my family, when was Christmas time.
So, that are my opinions of seasons of the year.
See you next time