Person behind Skereda


My name is Christine and yes, i'm that person behind Skereda.

I'm from Czech Republic. It's in a heart of Europe. How to find it? Find Germany and Poland and Cz is that little place between them.

My age is secret, but i'm teenager that was born in early 21st century. 

About my family? Well...I have a lot secret infomations, so  i would say you only few things: I live with my dad, sister and only living Grandma in one house, because my mom....(It's the secret)

My Hobbies are:

Writing - Wattpad, or personal Oneshots.

Listening to music - I preffer Nu-Metal, Nightcore and Vocaloid music

Drawing - even beacuse i can't draw and i want to learn it

Nail Art - I like to do nail art. I get often inspired by CutePolish, PiggieLuv or - My favourite - Simply Nailogical

Fashion - if someone on would talk about 'creepy rocker girl' that's for 99% me