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(It's about 2 months i something wrote here :3 sorry)
Well, as you can tell, i'm in fnaf fandom. Once i was chatting with LAddYKlenot about fnaf and, because she didn't play Sister Location, i was describing her all aniatronics. When i was describing Funtime Foxy, she stopped me, that Foxy looks like Mangle from fnaf2. So i went...

I need get it out of my chest, because this is one of topics, that i need to talk about on my blog, because this topic is the closest to me.

Why 'Skereda'?


I always get asked, why i choosed 'Skereda' as nickname. It's from word 'škaredá', which means ugly, in czech leanguage.
If you're asking, why...Well...Honestly, i don't know either...I just choosed it, because in school they called me like that...And my personal opinion is same...

Justin Bieber.
Someone likes him and someone not. Today i want talk about behavior of a few Beliebers.
Once my friend visited one Belieber and asked, what she likes about him. That girl started being rude and wrote her, that she(That Belieber) is better than her, because she has level 18 and my friend only 10. So,...

Hey dollies,
i'm back after 2 months. It was a long time ago i wrote something on my blog, that's because i had problems with my laptop and when i was on my dad's i was too lazy to write smething. And because end of summer and begining of fall is one of my favourite times in year, i decided to write about each season, what does it means to me. ...

Old Stardoll:
Old Stardoll was original site for girls.There was big community where everyone talked to everyone and bullying didn't exist.
There weren't levels.There were points that you got every day you signed up.You could go to chat room if you had more than 50 points.
There wasn't chat room games.
That box where you have...

1.My real name is Christine(In my national leanguage Kristýna)
2.I'm xteen(You really don't need to know this)
3.I live with my dad, grandma and older sister in one house
4.I live in Czech Republic
5.I speak 3 leanguages: Czech, Slovak and English
6.I'm learning 2 leanguages: German and Japanese
7.My favourite bands are SlipKnoT,...