Old Stardoll vs, New Stardoll


Old Stardoll:
Old Stardoll was original site for girls.There was big community where everyone talked to everyone and bullying didn't exist.
There weren't levels.There were points that you got every day you signed up.You could go to chat room if you had more than 50 points.
There wasn't chat room games.
That box where you have how many sd and sc you have, notifications and chat, was down on your screen and then, up like now, but it was pink & white.
Stardoll quests, Sd Academy, The vote and Spotlight didn't exist on Stardoll.
Present Stardoll:
Present Stardoll looks like - how someone said - facebook for girls.
When started Stardoll Academy, i thought that it's a good idea, BUT after few months i found, that it's bad idea because now you can find soooo much dolls that are there only for completing Stardoll Academy, but not for chatting.So you can go to chat room in which are a lot of silent dolls that only join and don't write a letter.You say for example: ,,Hi!" and other dolls don't say a word.
Maybe you're asking, why i'm still there, when i criticize this new Stardoll.
The answer is: This website is part of my life.From this website i have my nickname bloomKlenot and i met a lot of good people.I'm there for 4 years(2 as bloomKlenot and 3 as Skereda) - I had bloomKlenot and Skereda one year at a time.