Behavior of Justin Bieber's fans


Justin Bieber.
Someone likes him and someone not. Today i want talk about behavior of a few Beliebers.
Once my friend visited one Belieber and asked, what she likes about him. That girl started being rude and wrote her, that she(That Belieber) is better than her, because she has level 18 and my friend only 10. So, that means i'm better than she, only because i have level 56?
NO! Levels are only showing, how long and how much we play Stardoll. I have level 56, because i play this game for 3 years.
So i helped to my friend and they started being rude to me. Why...? I only stand for my opinions like my friend.
SO if you're one of his fans, don't be rude to people, who don't like him. They can be a good friends.(But don'r talk about him 24/7)