Tag - 25 things about me


1.My real name is Christine(In my national leanguage Kristýna)
2.I'm xteen(You really don't need to know this)
3.I live with my dad, grandma and older sister in one house
4.I live in Czech Republic
5.I speak 3 leanguages: Czech, Slovak and English
6.I'm learning 2 leanguages: German and Japanese
7.My favourite bands are SlipKnoT, Rammstein and Black Veil Brides(sometimes Tokio Hotel)
8.I like Anime
9.I have a few friends
10.My favourite colour is black
11.I live for Creepy things and Creepypasta
12.My dream job is painter
13.My favourite day is Friday 13th
14.I don't celebrate Xmas, only like 2nd Halloween
15.This tag is harder than you think
16.My favourite painter is Victoria Frances
17.I like horors like Women in black
18.Sometimes i have Depressions
19.I watch youtubers like MyDigitalEscape and Social Repose
20.I'm writing this one hour
21.I'm hungry right now(i ate only one hour ago)
22.I have a blond hair
23.I like storms
24.Skereda is my second account on stardoll(i had bloomKlenot, but now she's deleted, because i get hacked)
25.I love Five nights at Freddy's games and songs