Is Mangle Funtime Foxy?


(It's about 2 months i something wrote here :3 sorry)
Well, as you can tell, i'm in fnaf fandom. Once i was chatting with LAddYKlenot about fnaf and, because she didn't play Sister Location, i was describing her all aniatronics. When i was describing Funtime Foxy, she stopped me, that Foxy looks like Mangle from fnaf2. So i went to compare both of them and she was right.
-They both are foxes
- Both are pink and white
- Sister Location is in 1983(The bite of '83) and fnaf2 happened around 1987(The bite of '87)
- Foxy and Mangle are female

This is Foxy

     Výsledek obrázku pro funtime foxy head  Výsledek obrázku pro funtime foxy

And this Mangle:

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Pretty same, huh?